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Our Roots

Building Our Business on Superb Coffee for 6 Decades

In 1963, the first County Style opened in Toronto featuring a delicious combination of great-tasting coffee and over 50 varieties of freshly baked doughnuts, all served in a friendly environment. It quickly became the cozy nook where locals could gather to discuss life, strife and love over fresh coffee and deliciously sweet round pastries…with a hole in the middle.

A lot has changed in Canada over the 60 year history of Country Style, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our superb coffee
which is still made with the same high quality blend of beans that our customers have grown to love. Today, we offer a much
wider assortment of fresh baked goods along with a terrific breakfast lineup and our deli lunch menu.

Our Coffee

Country Style’s coffee blend is a secret recipe that has remained the same for 60 years…because it’s just that good!

We grind our secret blend of coffee beans in-house before brewing every delicious batch. Today, Country Style is still that warm location where guests are served the freshest coffee, real and wholesome food by friendly people.

Our Process

The disciplined process begins with sourcing 100% premium Arabica coffees which are grown at high altitudes, and are carefully
selected and harvested from the finest coffee-growing mountain regions in Central and South America, and Africa.


Our secret Country Style blend is then roasted in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and quality, seizing the full aromatic flavour of superb coffee that truly sets Country Style apart from the rest.


Every Country Style location then freshly grinds the beans in-house before every pot is brewed all through the day. Only cold, clean water is used in our brewers to extract the brilliant flavour of freshly ground beans at precise temperatures for exactly four minutes allowing for maximum flavour to be achieved. We always use a larger quantity of ground coffee per pot which results in a bolder, richer and yet smooth flavour that truly defines a great cup of coffee!

A Few Words On Our Flavour

Country Style Original Blend: Flavour is complex with lively acidity and a medium body. Notes of citrus and caramel.


Country Style Dark Roast: Same composition of beans as the Original blend, but by roasting darker, the coffee develops notes
of chocolate, dark berries, fuller body, and roasted nut character.

... And The Future

Country Style continues to grow with nearly 350+ locations in Ontario, Western and Atlantic Canada. We have a wide range of restaurant concepts from free-standing, strip plaza, mall and gas / convenience locations so you are always close to a great cup of fresh, hot coffee.

As we continue to build on our strong history, we look forward to an even more exciting future.

Interested in owning a part of our history? Find out how you can in our Franchising section.