Our Coffee

Building Our Business on Superb Coffee for 3 Decades

The pure art of coffee making is what sets apart a truly superior cup of coffee. At Country Style, we have built our business on the superb coffee we serve and your discriminating tastes.

More than 3 decades ago, we perfected the art of coffee brewing by developing a disciplined process that guarantees our coffee meets the high standards our loyal customers have come to expect, every single day, year after year. All of our Country Style associates must strictly adhere to this stringent process to ensure that every cup of Country Style coffee continues to meet these exacting standards.

The essential element in our process lies within our commitment to using the finest coffee beans in the world. Country Style purchases only carefully selected and harvested 100% Arabica coffee beans which are picked when the coffee berry is a rich red colour and at its peak of ripeness.

Sown on the finest coffee-growing mountain slopes of Central American estates, the beans are carefully hand picked. Once picked and air dried, the beans are roasted in small batches to ensure freshness, capturing the full aromatic flavour of a truly superb coffee.


At Country Style we know there is more to brewing a truly superb cup of coffee than just water and coffee beans. Our disciplined approach to coffee making was created exclusively for Country Style in 1962 to ensure we always served the same consistent and superb cup of coffee to our customers then, as we do today. We’ve never wavered from our proven method because if we did, our loyal customer would taste the difference and let us know.

We believe it is important to share our brewing process with you in order that you can enjoy the same superb cup of Country Style coffee at home, whether alone over the morning newspaper or after a fine meal entertaining your closest friends.

We use only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans which are carefully selected and harvested from the best coffee-growing mountain slopes in the world. These choice beans are then roasted in small batches to ensure freshness, capturing the full aromatic flavour of a truly superb coffee.

At every Country Style store, we insist on offering you 18% cream to compliment the full-bodied taste of our coffee.

We grind our coffee beans to a precise fineness immediately before brewing every single pot of Country Style coffee. This ensures the full body bouquet of the beans is captured for just the right coffee flavour.

Each Country Style location has sophisticated equipment that automatically measures the precise weight of ground beans per carafe of coffee. We use 2 ¾ oz. Of freshly ground coffee for a 60 oz. Pot of coffee in our sophisticated equipment.

Country Style uses the most advanced and precise coffee equipment available. The coffee equipment is checked by the store staff a minimum of once a day. Our technicians thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment and forward samples to quality control laboratories for analysis on a frequent basis.

We only use cold, clean water which is extracted over the freshly ground beans at a precise temperature of 190 F (87 C), over a four minute period.

A pot of coffee never seems to last very long at Country Style. However, should our customers not enjoy our fresh coffee within 30 minutes of brewing, we pour it down the drain to ensure only the freshest possible cup of coffee is served. We’re also cautious that it be held at precisely 185°F (80°C) to maintain just the right temperature and prevent any unnecessary breakdown in flavour.

The friendly and dedicated folks at Country Style are committed to following our stringent and exacting standards of coffee-making. This ensures you are served the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Country Style wouldn’t ask you to do any less than we would to make the perfect cup of coffee. This is why we are sharing the exacting standards and disciplined art of our coffee-making craft with you. We would like you to be able to fully enjoy our truly superb coffee, not only at one of our locations, but also in the comfort of your own home.